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Widows in Africa say “Asante Sana”
(“Thank you so much”)

By CarolMarie

I just got back from a Mission trip to Tanzania, Africa, as an ambassador of our Widows’ Ministry Center here in Sevierville, Tennessee, where I call home. Before leaving, the other widows of the Center prayed over me and sent me covered with love and a promise to continue to uphold me in prayer. I was a part of the Fresh Fire Ministries Team from Canada, United States and Norway, twenty-seven of us in all.

While there, we saw the incredible power of God manifested as we ministered during the day in the streets, in schools and the market places. It was a time of stretching, allowing God to be BIGGER than ever before in and through our lives. The gifts of the Spirit flowed, as well as healings and miracles that showed the love of God to the people. I would share with them that though I was a widow, Jesus was my husband and that He took good care of me. They loved it and enjoyed hearing that I was a mom and grandmother of four. I declared that no matter what we lacked, Jesus could fill that need for He wants to fill all our empty places and give us purpose. After speaking we would pray for those who came up to us. Many that came to me were widows, moms and grandmas who wanted Jesus to fill their empty spots and heal their bodies. The children all wanted prayer and to be blessed.

The Crusades grew each night as the power of God was displayed, showing that Jesus is the only true and living God! Thursday night there were 15,000 in attendance and by Sunday night there were over 70,000! Masses were saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit! We saw blind eyes opened, the deaf and dumb be healed, the lame walk, tumors disappear.....what an awesome God we serve!! At one of the meetings I met one of the intercessors, a beautiful African woman. There were about 300 intercessors there from different countries, which fast and pray for these crusades beginning two months beforehand. (No wonder we saw the power of God in these meetings! It was such an honor to meet some of them.) The powers of darkness were strong, but I could feel the prayers of my sisters at home agreeing with these warriors for victory!

One evening, one of the pastors brought widows from his church to meet me and to be prayed for. As I laid my hands on them I represented the widows who sent me. They felt the love of God and were so thankful. Another time, a pastor brought his wife who is a doctor to meet me. She also has a heart for the widow & orphan and works with those who have the HIV virus. We shared ideas about how to connect with us so that we can help empower their widows and help meet the needs of their orphans.

God’s heart is for the widows and the orphans...and will even send a representative from a little town in Tennessee to bring them hope.


“ Bwana Asifiwe” (“Praise the Lord”)

CarolMarie is an enthusiastic, motivated individual with a warm and infectious personality. Since becoming a widow, she was learned to rely heavily upon the Lord and He has rewarded her. Not only does she go into foreign countries and do volunteer missionary work but she is also a powerful intercessor. She makes it a priority to pray for people around the world and for her new family of friends here at the Center.

Not one to sit still, she makes it a point to stay active in church work and is already raising money for her next mission’s trip to Ecuador in May.

CarolMarie is just one of the many special widows of the Center who take delight in doing the Lord’s work. Whether it be tutoring hurting and abused children at the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home, visiting local nursing home shut-ins, or just greeting and sharing with visitors to the Center, the International Widows Ministry is reaching out to those who need to hear about God’s love for them and minister that love through action.



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